“From Grandpa With Love”

A Collection of Later-in-Life Writings

Most of Grandpa’s writings are now consolidated in a 7 volume series available at Amazon.com

Volume I   Four Generations   A Journey Through Life

The series opens as “Grandpa” traces 85 years of life and concludes we are all on a common journey.  Using a Biblical pattern of “sins” and “blessings” to the“third and fourth generation”, “Grandpa” divides life into four generations of about 25 years each.  In Generation I, we “Learn”. In Generation II, we “Do”. In Generation III, we “Teach”. And in Generation IV, we “Finish”.  He concludes with his World War II Diary, describing his experience as a B-29 crew member who participated in the last bombing mission against Japan in 1945

Volume II   Faith   A Foundation for Life

“Grandpa” next explores the subject of faith: the foundation for everything else we are and do in life, both now and for eternity. It opens and closes with some comments from a talk given to a group of college students entitled From Grandpa With Love, which became a pseudonym for some of his writings and the title of this series.

Volume III   Marriage   Sharing Life

Our third book discusses many of the experiences and conclusions God has given “Grandpa” in over 60 years of sharing life inthe most intimate relationship ordained by God.  In addition to personal anecdotes from his own life, he sets forth some of the biblical reasons for marriage as well as the biblical roles of husbands and wives, and closes with the loss of his own dear wife and the preparations and lessons he hopes will be helpful for others.

Volume IV   Vocation   Our Life Work

 “Grandpa” draws on over 40 years of representing law clients in personal and business matters, and gives some concrete ways he found to use our God given gifts and talents to project His Kingdom into the world around us.  

Volume V   Passing It On    Investing in Lives

Hopefully, walking through “Grandpa’s” observations and experiences over nearly nine decades may help readers capture and better share the joy and fulfillment that results from investing in other lives.

Volume VI   Time    Looking Back at Life

In Volume VI Grandpa relates 101 poignant memories originally written and sent by him, late in life, to family and friends in short, one page vignettes so their wisdom could be absorbed gradually over several years.  As he ages and recognizes what one older man called “the reality of his mortality”, he brings them together to help others as they travel on their own life journeys.

Volume VII   The Road   Eternal Life

Volume VII completes our series about Life, by discussing, in prose and poetry, three short chapters in the Bible known as The Sermon on the Mount. After looking back on his ninety four year pilgrimage, including fifty years of walking with Jesus, Grandpa examines 12 giant steps on The Road to Eternal Life. 

To God Be the Glory!

The following writings, not contained in the 7 volume series, are available here.

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A New Era Age 90-95
An Older View of Life
Beginning a New Adventure
Forty Days in the Wilderness
Ten Ordinary Men
The Cycle of Life
The Forest Family

                                                                                                            Marvin J. Martin 
Wichita, Kansas