From Grandpa With Love

A Collection of Later-in-Life Writings

Over the past forty years, God has graciously allowed me to reach conclusions about some of the issues of life, and then pass them on through booklets and other writings. Many of these are consolidated in a five volume series covering Four Generations, Faith, Marriage, Vocation and Passing It On, available in print and electronically from and bookstores under my name, Marvin J. Martin.

One-Liners That Changed My Life!

In 2016 I also began publishing a series of One-Liners That Changed My Life via email at They are now provided weekly to family and friends, and sent to others upon request. For convenience they are being stored here as they are published. We are now in Part II; titles for the remaining stories will be made available as they are publish.


Part I

Going My Way
ge 0-45

A Time To Be Born‚ And Grow Up Age 0-16

  1. Swim with the current!
  2. Who will take the pledge?
  3. Save some, spend some, give some.
  4. The Old Rugged Cross
  5. Never come between a mother bear and her cubs.
  6. Never work for anyone else.

A Time for War‚ and Peace Age 16-20

  1. Let me tell you how I learned to fly!
  2. You are a Navigator
  3. The point of no return!
  4. Yes Sir! No Sir! No excuse Sir!
  5. The War is Finally Over, Thank God!
  6. I saw you in the nose of the plane.
  7. It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh.

A Time to Choose‚ A Wife and Life Work Age 20-25

  1. All I can tell you, Son, the book is wrong!
  2. I want you to be the father of my children.
  3. I Do!
  4. You can’t memorize all this!
  5. Is it ethical?

A Time to Begin‚ A Family and Law Practice Age 25-30

  1. It’s a girl!
  2. Are you coming to work here?
  3. Then say it so I can understand it!
  4. We’ve got the facts!

A Time to Make a Name‚ And Seek God Age 30-45

  1. Who do you do business with– your enemies?
  2. We earn a reputation; we buy advertising
  3. But what will we do if we have a problem?
  4. Let’s pray
  5. Go learn about labor law.
  6. This I Believe
  7. First, let’s determine the problem.
  8. The Rotary Four Way Test
  9. Watch out for the back side of the sword.
  10. Bomb shatters interior of Attorney’s Offices.
  11. She asked three times and no one heard her.
  12. Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!
  13. Middle Age A Normal Crisis
  14. Somebody has to be second
  15. The secret of the will.
  16. Lord, I commit all of myself to you that I am able; and I accept Jesus as your divine Son

Part II

Going God’s Way
Age 45-On

A Time to Receive‚ And Use God‚ Gifts Age 45-60

  1. You need to go to Bear Trap Ranch
  2. I’ve been reading about Christian fellowship, and I’d like to know where I can get some
  3. You sure have pretty shoes.
  4. We have time! Isn’t that wonderful? We have time!
  5. And if I perish I perish!
  6. Before you go speak to the congregation
  7. Can I have your money
  8. The Sermon on the Mount
  9. I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  10. I think you have the gift of mercy
  11. To Marvin, from Marvin In Love
  12. What I fed the most grew the most!.
  13. You can put me in my room, but you can’t make me study!
  14. I think it is time for you to start investing your life in other people!
  15. Always keep your rare-bird net ready
  16. Harmony in the Workplace
  17. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God
  18. Live with a margin.
  19. This time I don’t even have to pack my bags!
  20. Aliens and strangers in the world.

A Time to Harvest‚ And Pass It On Age 60-70

  1. Don’t work too long.
  2. I’m not your man, Grandpa!
  3. What is your definition of success?
  4. How much is enough?
  5. Complete– Don’t Compete!
  6. Your assignment for the rest of your life
  7. What is that to you
  8. You always were more of a Person than a Lawyer.
  9. Describe my shoe.
  10. Turn the world right side up!
  11. I wike you and I wuv you!
  12. You were elected– now be the President!
  13. The Bible has real people, at real places, and real times.
  14. S.O.S.!
  15. Our Call
  16. Go to something not just from something.
  17. Learn to manage deterioration.
  18. I’m not your man, Grandpa
  19. Why may be the most important question we ask

A Time to Get Ready‚ And Let Go Age 70-85

  1. Four Generations A Journey Through Life
  2. I think you just want your name on a book!
  3. From Grandpa With Love
  4. Just keep on doing it
  5. Your copyright is,’you have the right to copy
  6. Don’t ever say ‘the’ minister!
  7. But they took it away when he wore it.
  8. Your work wasn’t very important to you, was it
  9. Writing is God’s gift to an old man
  10. I’m so grateful that I know!
  11. We need to join that class
  12. You are trying to get us to think
  13. It’s time to go to Larksfield
  14. Just keep your mouth shut
  15. Grandma was with me when I was born. I am with Grandma when she died
  16. Letting Go!

Overtime Age 85-On

  1. Thanks for the adventure. Now go have a new one
  2. Would you come back and do your semina
  3. Forty days in the wilderness!
  4. Marvin, you are old!
  5. Will the real Marvin Martin please stand up
  6. Dad, you never used to tell anything and now you tell everything
  7. If they want to be with you
  8. All that is really important is loving and being loved.

Other Booklets

From time to time, we also include in this website other booklets you may find of interest.

The following are currently available:

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From Grandpa With Love
Marvin J. Martin
Wichita, Kansas