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"From Grandpa With Love" – A Collection of Later in Life Writings

“From Grandpa With Love”

A Collection of Later-in-Life Writings

Over the years, God has graciously allowed me to reach conclusions about some of the issues of life, and then pass them on to our family and circle of acquaintances through booklets and other writings.  During the last few years these have been consolidated in a six volume series entitled From Grandpa With Love that can now be ordered from under my name, Marvin J. Martin. Set forth below are the titles of the books and their contents. Other writings will continue to be available free of charge on this website as noted at the end of this Home Page.

Volume I   Four Generations   A Journey Through Life

            The series opens as “Grandpa” traces 85 years of life and concludes we are all on a common journey.  As a result, many of us will have similar experiences at predictable times in our lives. In   order to personalize the experience of having an “Adventure” to prepare us for the mature time of  life, he includes a World War II Diary, describing his experience as a B-29 crew member who participated in the last bombing mission against Japan in 1945. Using a Biblical pattern of “sins” and “blessings” to the “third and fourth generation”, “Grandpa” divides life into four     generations of about 25 years each.  In Generation I, we “Learn”. In Generation II, we “Do”. In       Generation III, we “Teach”. And in Generation IV, we “Finish”.  Once that pattern becomes  apparent, we begin to see a rhythm in our own life and in the life of history, that helps us see where we are, where we have been, where we are going—and how we can pass on more  “blessings” to those who follow.

Volume II   Faith   A Foundation for Life

            “Grandpa” next explores the subject of faith: the foundation for everything else we are and do in life, both now and for eternity. It opens and closes with some comments from a talk given to a group of college students, entitled From Grandpa With Love, which became a pseudonym for some of his writings and the title of this series.  It contains the following writings:

Part I                Good News!

Part II               The Gospel—According to Whom?

Part III              The New Testament Letters

Part IV             Five Women in the Genealogy of Jesus

Part V               Lessons I Learned From a Donkey

Part VI             A New Song for Complainers

Part VII             Turning the World Right Side Up

Part VIII           Living in the Kingdom of God—Now!

Part IX             Why Burial?

Volume III   Marriage   Sharing Life

            Our third book discusses many of the experiences and conclusions God has given “Grandpa” in   over 60 years of sharing life in the most intimate relationship ordained by God.  In addition to personal anecdotes from his own life, he sets forth some of the biblical reasons for marriage as   well as the biblical roles of husbands and wives, and closes with the loss of his own dear wife and the preparations and lessons he hopes will be helpful for others as they or their loved ones go through this beautiful but very stressful time.  It contains the following writings:

Part I                Why Marriage?

Part II               Complete—Don’t Compete!

Part III              Sixty Years of Marriage

Part IV             Who Determines the Time to Leave?     

Part V               Saying Goodbye

Volume IV   Vocation   Our Life Work

            “Grandpa” draws on over 40 years of representing law clients in personal and business matters,   and gives some concrete ways he found to use our God given gifts and talents to project His Kingdom into the world around us.   It contains the following writings:

Part I                Trying to Do Right

Part II               Resolving Disputes and Avoiding Litigation

Part III              Harmony in the Work Place

Part IV             Working With Words

Part V               Ministering Free of Charge

Volume V   Passing It On    Investing in Lives

            This book emphasizes the need and the opportunity we have to invest in other lives, both in our    family and all our other relationships.  Hopefully, walking through “Grandpa’s”  observations and experiences over more than 90 years may help readers capture and better share the joy and     fulfillment that results from seeing others experience the wondrous life God offers to everyone who is willing to receive it.  It contains the following writings:

Part I                What Am I Missing?

Part II               From Grandpa With Love

Part III              Discipling and Mentoring

Part IV             Letters From Grandpa

Part V               The Gift of “Receiving”

Part VI             For Such A Time As This!

Part VII            am I—?

Part VII             Looking Forward With Hope!

Volume VI   Time   Looking Back at Life

Part I
Going My Way

A Time to Be Born—and Grow Up                        Age 0-16

A Time for War—and Peace                                   Age 16-21

A Time to Choose—A Wife and Life Work           Age 21-25

A Time to Begin—A Family and Law Practice    Age 25-30

A Time to Make a Name—and Seek God             Age 30-44

Part II

Going God’s Way

A Time to Receive—and Grow Up                      Age 44-60

A Time to Harvest—and Pass It On                   Age60-70

A Time to Get Ready—and Let Go                     Age70-85

Overtime                                                                Age 85-On

The purpose of all the books is first and foremost to convey what God has taught “Grandpa” about life on to the fourth generation (great grandchildren) in his own family.  However, it is his hope that children and grandchildren everywhere, both now and in years to come, will enjoy taking “Grandpa” off the shelf and vicariously reliving some of his experiences and learning that may be meaningful as they come to their own choppy chapters in life.

Thanks for walking with me over the years.  I have deeply appreciated your kind comments, cards and letters, which played a key role in encouraging me to continue.  While it hasn’t been feasible to respond to each one, you have my sincere thanks.

God Bless You All!

From Grandpa With Love
Marvin J. Martin
Wichita, Kansas

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From Grandpa With Love
Marvin J. Martin
Wichita, Kansas